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Check back regularly for information about updates to Level 1 and/or Level 2 Reports

There are newly added and revised reports as of April 3, 2017! Please check out the following reports for your districts. A description and sample of each report can be found on our COGNOS Level 1 Report Samples site at


            NEW Available Reports ‎> 03 | Other Assessments ‎> 03| NYSESLAT Assessment > NYSAA - NYSELAT Reason Not Tested by District – Building - This report shows data similar to the 3-8 Reason Not Tested report, giving information on students who di not take the NYSAA or NYSESLAT test and were expected to, and their reasons for not taking it as reported at the time of test.

            REVISED Available Reports ‎> 01 | 3-8 Assessment Reports ‎> 02| Trend Reports - All trend reports have been updated to now include both the BOCES % Points Earned and RIC % Points Earned for all selected years.

            REVISED Available Reports ‎> 04 | Program Services Reports ‎> 05| ELL Program Participants >Program Service - Summary ELL - Report was renamed from Program Service - Summary LEP. Several other changes were made to improve functionality and bring report up to date with recent needs with changes in the program.

            REVISED Available Reports ‎> 04| Program Services Reports ‎> 04| Immigrant Report >Immigrant Report - Report was updated to bring its contents in line with new immigrant reporting rules, and clean up general formatting issues.

            REVISED Available Reports ‎> 01 | 3-8 Assessment Reports ‎> 03| Performance Summary > 3-8 Performance Summary by Teacher - Report was duplicating data in some rare cases where the same teacher taught one or more students in the same assessment area in 2 or more classes. This issue has been corrected and no duplication is expected now.

Also, check out these NEW and REVISED reports that became available in February and were featured in the Testing News Winter-Spring Newsletter.

            REVISED Available Reports ‎> 00 | Common Data Views (Regional Consortium) ‎> NYSED Released Questions

            NEW Available Reports ‎> 01 | 3-8 Assessment Reports ‎> 11| Strand Analysis

            NEW Available Reports ‎> 03 | Other Assessments ‎> 05| NYSITELL with Subscore

            NEW Available Reports ‎> 01 | 3-8 Assessment Reports ‎> 04| Assessment List (NYS Assessment By District – Building Student Count)

            NEW Available Reports ‎> 00 | Common Data Views (Regional Consortium) ‎> Item Response and Gap Analysis (Regents) (Percent Correct by Skill By District – Building)

            REVISED Available Reports ‎> 01 | 3-8 Assessment Reports ‎> 10| Student Assessment Trend

            NEW Available Reports ‎> 01 | 3-8 Assessment Reports ‎> 12| Refusal Analysis