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Level 1 Instructional Reports Contacts: Anne Bertram, Manager; Matthew Coleman, Andrea Vamvas (518) 862-5314 OR email: testing@neric.org

NERIC Cognos Reports.

Level 2 State Verification Reports Contacts: Mary McGeoch, Manager; Michele Hausmann, Jeff Bittner, Gail Newcomb (518) 862-5409 OR email: dwhelp@neric.org


* IF you have an existing Level 1 or Serv-U account, but are having trouble accessing it, please contact the NERIC Service Desk at (518) 862-5400.  






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* Level 2 report access is managed by LEAs (Districts, BOCES, Charter Schools and other schools/agencies).

* If you need access to Level 2 Reports, please see your Superintendent or Charter School/Private School Principal or their Delegated Entitlement Administrator.

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